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WishOf.Me - The wish list app

Do you dream of always receiving the perfect gift? With WishOf.Me this dream becomes a reality!

Our free & easy-to-use web app, also available for Android and iOS, allows you to create personalized wish lists for birthdays, Christmas and all other occasions.
You can then share your wishlists and wishes with your friends or family.

All functions at a glance

The app at a glance

We will now take you through a short roadshow to give you a brief insight into the app.

1. Overview of all wish lists

Desktop: Overview of all wish lists
Mobile: Overview of all wish lists

This is the overview of all wish lists. These can be sorted using drag'n drop if required. This overview can be shared with friends and family using the "Share" button.

2. Add wish/product

Desktop: Add wish/product
Mobile: Add wish/product

Here, a product is added to a wish list via the integrated product search.

3. Overview of a wish list

Desktop: Overview of a wish list
Mobile: Overview of a wish list

This is the overview of a wish list. It contains products that are suitable as gift ideas. This wish list, or an individual product, can be shared with friends and family using the "Share" button.

4. Sharing a wish list

Desktop: Sharing a wish list
Mobile: Sharing a wish list

All wish lists, a wish list or a wish can be shared with friends and family here. The basis for sharing is a personalized link that can be distributed via copy-paste, email, WhatsApp or other apps.

On Android & iOS, wishes can be saved directly from other apps in wish lists.

Save requests directly from other apps on Android & iOS

WishOf.Me - The wish list app

Welcome to a world where gift-giving is being reinvented. Imagine you could collect all your wishes on a single digital platform and share them with your loved ones. This is exactly what WishOf.Me makes possible - away from paper and towards the digital revolution of wish lists.

Do you remember the traditional wish lists we used to write as children? Those little paper notes full of hopes and dreams? They have a magical tradition that is centuries old. But the world is changing. Today, in our digital age, these wish lists are being transformed into something new, something revolutionary - digital wish lists. WishOf.Me is at the forefront of this transformation.

Why WishOf.Me?

WishOf.Me is not just any app. It's your personal platform to make your wishes come true. Our platform is available as a web app in your web browser and as an app for Android & iOS, giving you the freedom to create and manage your wish lists anywhere. Signing up is easy and completely free. In just a few steps you are ready to create your first list.

Customize your wish lists the way you want & share them

Create wish lists that are as unique as you are. You can name them however you like and fill them with wishes - whether by adding products from our huge product range of over 250 million items or by inserting external links. The drag'n'drop function makes sorting your wishes child's play.

What's a wish if you can't share it? With WishOf.Me, you can easily share your wish lists via a personalized link via email or WhatsApp. Share your dreams with family and friends and experience how gift-giving takes on a whole new meaning.

A digital wish list has only advantages

Imagine always getting exactly what you want. No more unwanted gifts, no more embarrassing purchases. Digital wish lists make it possible. Not only are they environmentally friendly because they save paper, they are also super practical. Your wishes are always up to date and accessible to anyone who wants to make you happy.

WishOf.Me is more than just an app - it's a movement towards smarter giving. We invite you to become part of this movement. Sign up now and see your wish lists come to life. And remember: WishOf.Me is the place where wishes come true!